Like other kinds of property, your creative and innovative assets can be sold or licensed. Licensing allows someone to use your patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property right in exchange for financial remuneration or other consideration. For example, the licensee may be granted a right to make, use and/or sell the licensed property in a defined territory for a certain number of years in exchange for payment of an ongoing royalty based on the licensee's sales. However, there are many other ways of creatively structuring a license.

Some intellectual property owners prefer to assign, or sell property rights in exchange for a lump sum. This is accomplished by assignment. If you choose to assign you patent, trademark or copyright, you have forfeited all rights to what you previously owned. Whether a licensing agreement or assignment is best for you depends on how you weigh the risks and benefits of a specific offer.

We look at every intellectual property transaction as a unique business opportunity for our clients. Our goal is to help you achieve the most beneficial terms under the circumstances. We will help show you all your options and offer advice on prudent strategies. We offer substantial experience in all types of intellectual property transactions, including licensing, assignments, and title transfers.

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