Internet and Media Law

The Internet has created unlimited, and borderless, new markets. Businesses and individuals are applying for Internet and software patents in record numbers. They are also seeking to protect their investments in developing e-commerce systems, web sites and databases. Not surprisingly, these innovative ways of doing business have raised many fresh challenges relating to intellectual property law. Disputes over Internet domain names, trade secrets and privacy rights, for example, have become commonplace.

Internet and media law is at the nexus where law, computer technologies and the Internet intersect. Many of the legal questions it addresses have little or no historical precedent. Courts are applying existing laws in new ways, and legislators are defining and enacting new laws. Areas of Internet and media law include software licensing; web site development agreements; service provider liability; web page linking issues; selection, registration and acquisition of domain names; domain name disputes, copyright protections in cyberspace; digital signatures, privacy and confidentiality rights; network security breaches and attacks; and due diligence reviews in connection with investments and strategic partnering in the Internet area.

We offer clients advice and assistance in all areas of IP law relating to computers and the Internet.

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