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Ganz Law, PC, focuses on all aspects of intellectual property (IP) law. Our firm has earned a reputation for keeping clients fully informed and for responding promptly to their matters, concerns, and inquiries—all at highly competitive rates. We are located in metropolitan Portland, in Oregon's Silicon Forest, a growing center of technology and media. Our services include:

Most legal issues, and most client goals, permit more than one viable approach. At Ganz Law, we make a conscientious effort to show you a range of approaches to your objectives—and the wisest path to take.

Our reach is literally global. With electronic communications bridging the distance and making it possible for us to work as conveniently and cost-effectively as a local firm, we serve clients locally, nationally, and internationally.


Our attorneys are:

Our attorneys are licensed to practice law before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, in the State of Oregon, or in other jurisdictions as noted for each attorney. Representation in some matters may entail the use of associate counsel licensed in a relevant jurisdiction.

Our staff includes individuals with extensive paralegal experience in patent practice, trademark practice, and other areas of IP law. We also retain technical advisors in software and Internet technologies. For international clients, we offer fluency in Portuguese and Spanish.


The Firm offers legal expertise in a variety of technical fields including:

  • Acoustical systems
  • Aerospace and avionics technologies
  • Agricultural and plant sciences
  • Automotive and internal combustion technologies
  • Biotechnology and biomedical devices and methods
  • Chemistry
  • Communications systems, including wireless and wireline technologies
  • Computer, software, and Internet technologies
  • Electrical, electronic, electrochemical, and electromechanical devices and technologies
  • Footwear and apparel
  • Image processing
  • Mechanical devices and technologies
  • Medical device technologies including endoscopic devices, digital imaging, and electrosurgery technologies
  • Memory systems
  • Microelectronic packaging and processing
  • Projection and video display technologies
  • Semiconductor and manufacturing technologies
  • Sporting goods and accessories.
  • Toys and games

The firm's support staff includes individuals with extensive paralegal experience in patent and trademark practice, as well as other areas of IP law. For international clients, we offer fluency in Portugese, Spanish and Dutch.

For representative patents prosecuted by Ganz Law, see Utility Patents, PCT Patents, and Plant Patents, and Design Patents.


Representative client list and references available upon request.


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